The zombie as shown in lost tapes.


The zombie is a being between life, and death; as such, it has extremely rotten, and molded flesh and bone due to being in the grave so long so. The zombie is also shown to be in many video game genres such as: Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, etc. But the zombie isn't weak, despite it's crippling appearance, and stiff movements.

It can speed up, and run to catch its victims and then it can do one of two things:

  • Option one: Eat its victims
  • Option two: Bite its victims on the wrist, turning them into a zombie slowly

Lost TapesEdit

Though it failed to kill the two officers that were sent there, it did manage to fend them off, forcing them to retreat and escape with their lives.

However, since the two officers were armed, the zombies couldn't kill them. A zombie girl, however killed the new rookie named Tanner on their team due to the fact that he didn't get a clue that the girl he had found was a zombie (she was eating her own flesh when she was tied up), thus he had learned too late and he had become a zombie when the girl had bitten him. He was later given a quiet funeral and the two other officers were there as well.

Interestingly, the zombies in Lost Tapes didn't seem as decayed as in other genres.

"Real Life"Edit

Due to the fact that the zombies aren't decayed, it is "believed" you can become one. Zombies are normally a dead people whose immune system is off.

Smarter zombies are much more athletic than humans. The reason people can become tomb zombies is that is the second type or stage of zombified.