Wendigo From Lost Tapes

Undead raindeer

a better picture of the wendigo from lost tapes

A Wendigo is a cannibalistic deer-like creature that is known to eat human flesh.It is also said to be a cursed human and is said to be very strong and dangerous.


The wendigo has a deer head or a deer skull (as shown in Lost Tapes).Its body is human-like but with brown fur. It can possess a human who has resorted to cannibalism and give that person an insatiable hunger for human flesh so it can kill friends of the human. The possessed victim has the ability to mimics peoples voices, have inhuman strength, and have sharp fangs and claws. (as shown in Lost Tapes)

The wendigo is rather zombified, as its spine and parts of its rib cage are visible.

Kills in Lost TapesEdit

In Lost Tapes, the wendigo (in Matthew's body) murdered, killed, and slaughtered the camp members and the search team sent in order to rescue them.