The Monster of Monterey is a sea monster related to the Loch Ness Monster.


In recent years, there has been numerous disappearances in Monterey Bay, along with sightings of a creature previously unknown to science. Locals often say the monster is responsible for the disappearances. It makes sense since for thousands of years, sailors have told stories of sea monsters lurking in the depths waiting for unlucky sailors fall into the water. In 1925, the carcass of a strange creature washed up


A picture of The Monster of Monterey

onto Moores Beach. In 1977, a Japanese trawler hooks the rotting carcass of a bizzare animal. Tests on the carcass couldn't identify the beast. Many believe it is a Plesiosaur in Monterey Bay, but no evidence has ever been found.


The Monster of Monterey is likely to be a species of plesiosaur. Plesiosaurs are marine reptiles with long necks, four powerful flippers, and short tails. They were believed to have gone extinct 65 million years ago, but the carcassses found in 1925 and 1977 resemble the long lost species. Plesiosaurs were believed to be fish eaters, but often lurked just beneath the surface waiting for prey. The Monster is said to be a deep sea dweller, living in the Monterey canyon, but upwellings often bring the creature up to the surface. Here it would compete with other predators such as sharks for food. It also seems to have incorporated humans into its diet; knocking them off of boats and rising out of the water to snatch sailors seems to be the preferred hunting method.


The monster first targets the crew of the sailing vessel Kahuna, devouring the whole crew and leaving the boat covered in blood. The captain of the Kahuna however sends out a distress call before he too is killed. The creature then targets solo sailor Sharon Novak as she makes the last leg of her worldwide sailing trip. The beast slams into the boat, and tearing a piece of flesh that jams the engine that Sharon concludes came from a whale. One of the ship's cameras also catches the creature moving just below the surface. After Sharon finds the deserted Kahuna, the beast slams into the ship again killing the engine. Sharon, now frightened, hoists her sails before the monster slams once again into the boat knocking the sailor into the water. Sharon tries to swim to the ladder at the end of the boat, but the wind picks up causing the boat to float away. The ship's camera however catches the plesiosaur closing in on Sharon. The beast then drags Sharon underwater and disappears into the abyss.