A Strigoi as seen in Lost Tapes

Strigoi is a vampire like creatures originating from Romania that were believed to be the spirits of deceased people who had led troubled lives.


According to Romanian folklore, most strigoi had crimson-colored hair, indigo-colored eyes and two hearts, but it was difficult to recognize one of them since they usually took the form of other entities/creatures in order to fool their attackers. This spirit survived by draining blood from people and often transformed into random creatures, persons, and poltergeists in order to create chaos in the real world. For example, Romanians blamed strigoi for conditions like disease and famine. Strigoi can also shape-shift and disguised themselves into any animal or person by mimicking their voices, and can disappear out of thin air all of sudden.

Becoming a StrigoiEdit

  • Leading a troubled or unfinished life.
  • Born out of wedlock.
  • Died before being baptized,
  • Died of an unnatural cause.
  • Children with certain birth defects (strigoi vu).

Preventing StrigoiEdit

  • Burying a bottle of whisky with the deceased.
  • Destroying the body prior to burial.
  • Exhume the body and destroy it.
  • Drive a spike through its heart.

Killed in Lost TapesEdit

  • Unnamed workers at the oil outpost
  • Doctors Sheldon Fischer and Naomi Robeson

Clinton Weber was a strigoi, (therefore he was already dead or reassigned to another job) but he had changed his appearance so that nobody else would notice him. The deaths of the workers and doctors were officially attributed to a gas leak, and the company ceased operations in North America. Animal hairs and saliva samples were confiscated by the FBI, and no lab results were released to the public.