Quetzalcoatl as seen in Lost Tapes

Quetzalcoatl (aka Q: The Serpent God) is Mexican mythological god who was worshipped by the Aztecs, possibly even before their time. It is said to be the god of vegetation, because it is associated with maize, rain and water.


Quetzalcoatl is a combination of a quetzal bird's head and tail with a snake's body that's covered in feathers.


Every 52 years, Q, the serpent god, returns to earth to demand sacrifices to return to his full power. Otherwise he will bring on an apocalyspe. In spring of 2008, a cult worshiping the serpent made the ritualistic sacrifice of cutting the victim's heart out and presenting it before Quetzalcoatl. Q also killed a tourist who wandered into the cult's hideout. However, the tourist had a video camera which managed to catch the god on tape. The sacrifices caught the attention of the Enigma Corporation who deal with unexplained cases. One of the scientists, Dr. Najo Santos was captured by the cult to be sacrificed to Q. However, the dragonic being sensed Santos' teammates, Elise Mooney and Noel Conner entering the building and killed the entire cult (likely for being found before he was at full strength). Dr. Santos, however, was also killed and Q ambushed the remaining team members. Elise was able to capture Q at this time on camera. Elise, however, was able to use a dagger (the same one that the cult used for the murders) to draw Q out. Then Elise repeatedly stabbed Q with the dagger and Noel also opened fire on the creature. Both managed to catch the creature on film during this time. What happened to Q is unknown as his body wasn't found


  • Q in the episode was computer generated. Animatronics were used for close up.
  • Its interesting to note that the real Quetzalcoatl in Aztec legend never accepted sacrifices. It's likely this was made up for the episode.
  • A theory has surfaced that Quetzalcoatl was actually angered and offended by the sacrifices made by the cultists, and killed them in retaliation. This would be reasonable to assume since it is strange that a god would kill an entire cult dedicated to him.
  • Although this explanation seems too spiritual, it's possible that the Body of Q, due to the fact he was a god, was never hurt by the fire and after the events of the episode, simply flew back to his Cult.