The Owlman ,or Death Raptor, is an aggressive cryptid that was first sighted on April 17, 1976. It is often compared to the American Mothman due to it's anatomical similarities.


The Owlman is said to stand 4 to 7 ft. tall with a 10 ft. wingspan. The creature is also said to have glowing red eyes, gray feathers, black talons, and pointed ears. The Death Raptor is quite aggressive, having been known to hiss at intruders on its territory. The creature has been known to feed on large rodents like rats and even humans. The Owlman however preferred to attack weak humans like children or elderlies. Like all owls, the Death Raptor regurgitated pellets because they couldn't expell waste through their bottoms. The very prescence of the creature can cause lightheadeness.


There was a god similar to the Death Raptor who was worshipped by the Phoenicians who often made infant sacrifices.

In 2007, paranormal investigators Peter Grey and Jolane Sharrock investigated a surge of Owlman sightings in Fallview, California. They both interviewed two eyewitnesses, Sue Ann Mills and Hazel Van Lear. Sue Ann Mills was a little girl who was tramatized by her experience and Hazel is an elderly woman from Cornwall that claimed the creature followed her to the US. Both say that the Owlman is a demon. The two investigators also found a large owl pellet with human remains inside the local church.

Peter Grey takes Sue and her mother to the same location of the girl's sighting at night. Right after Jolane was feeling strange, the Death Raptor swooped down and knocked over the investigators. It then chased the group into a church where they were confronted by the bishop and Hazel. The Owlman enters the church and terrorizes the group. Here it's shadow can be seen. The group runs to the altar because it is the holiest place in the church. However, Hazel sacrifices herself to the Owlman because the Death Raptor found Sue to be weak and Hazel is also weak because she is old.

The creature wasn't again sighted but the woods are still haunted by strange and eerie cries.


  • The Owlman is not that owl-like. Its black feet are like an earwig's feet or a crab's claws, one witness said that after the owlman took off in flight she could see that it looked almost like pants, she also said that she couldn't tell if it had feathes or fur (perhaps similar to a cassowary), it's legs are long and not like an owl's or a humans, its wide mouth is in a gaping frown and like no real species, the top of its head is gorilla-like in shape as in a pointed head, and the creatures has three or four bear-like claws.