It is the 9th episode of the series. The cryptid is the giant anaconda.This is a 50 to 100 feet long and weights 20 to 35 tons!

Lost Tapes Season 1 Episode 9 - Megaconda

Lost Tapes Season 1 Episode 9 - Megaconda


In the summer of 2008, just after midnight, two animal rights activists named Scott Sumner and Evan Medcaf set out to investigate allegations of illegal animal trading in a local textile warehouse by a corrupt businessman named Kenneth Tobar (who is actually revealed to be Larry "Lawrence" Johnson's boss. They had previously tried contacting his boss Kenneth Tobar through proper channels to investigate, but were repeatedly ignored and have decided to take matters into their own hands. Armed with only a video camera and a crowbar, they lay a rug over the barbed wire lining the top of the fence that surrounds the facility and climb over, and then break into the building. Unbeknownst to them, security guard Larry "Lawrence" Johnson and his guard dog Bishop are patrolling the area; Larry suspects his boss Kenneth Tobar of being involved in illegal activities, but has not questioned his volatile boss about it. However, there is one particularly large crate that Bishop barks at whenever they pass by it. Meanwhile, Scott and Evan immediately find wooden crates with stamps reading "LIVE ANIMALS" in the warehouse and grow increasingly assured that their suspicions about Tobar are true. As they move deeper into the warehouse, they suddenly see heatlamps in a corner of the warehouse, discovering non-native reptiles and a crate containing a live wild cat. They are excited over the prospect of putting Tobar in jail, having found more than they had ever expected to. Suddenly, they are confronted by Larry, who demands that they leave as Scott explains what they are doing; Larry threatens to call the police, but Scott mocks him, saying that the police would be far more interested in Kenneth Tobar's customs violations than a trespassing. Suddenly, they hear the sound of wood splintering, and Larry demands to know who else is in the warehouse, but Scott and Evan claim that they are the only ones there. Larry reluctantly leaves to investigate the noise, but not before confiscating the tape with all of their evidence on it at gunpoint. Scott is upset and angry for the loss of their video tape, but Evan reveals that he has a spare one with him. After reshooting the scene, they try to leave, but they end up lost in the confusing of the warehouse. Larry investigates the giant crate, which has been broken open from the inside, and finds it empty. While his back is turned, the enormous shape of an exceptionally large snake slithers past him, partially obscured by a large shelf. His pet German shepherd named Bishop grows increasingly aggravated while, elsewhere, Scott and Evan hear rather loud hissing somewhere else in the warehouse. As they try to find their way out, they discover crates filled with ice and animal body parts, including the gall bladders of bears which are used to make pharmaceutical products. Scott also explains that the active ingredient in bear gallbladders has been synthetically replicated by pharmaceutical companies, making this a greater crime than normal on Kenneth Tobar's part, and that he is now absolutely certain that Kenneth Tobar will go to jail and sentenced to life in prison without parolees. As they again try to leave, Evan hears the hissing again, and is growing increasingly worried over it. Meanwhile, Larry calls his boss Kenneth Tobar to tell him about Scott and Evan, but more importantly to tell him that whatever was in the large crate has gone missing. Suddenly, his pet German shepherd Bishop gets loose and runs off into the darkness. Larry hangs up on his boss Kenneth Tobar to follow his pet German shepherd Bishop. Shortly thereafter, Scott and Evan come across the crate as well, discovering an enormous snakeskin inside; this greatly worries both of them, as they now know that a snake at least fifty feet long is lurking somewhere in the warehouse. As Larry keeps searching for his pet German shepherd Bishop, he suddenly hears a yelp and runs over to find his dog, which has been killed, murdered, and dragged to a corner by something. As he is investigating the blood trail, he suddenly hears the hissing and decides to leave the warehouse as well. After he leaves, Evan and Scott find Bishop the German Shepherd as well, and now know that they absolutely need to get out of the warehouse immediately. As they become more and more desperate to escape, Scott climbs on top of a crate to see if he can find a way out. He sees the crates that they passed by as they entered, but is suddenly grabbed by an unseen creature and lifted up and out of sight. Evan panics when Scott's crowbar drops onto the crate and he runs away, bumping into Larry and they try to escape. Larry leads them to a door and tries desperately to get it open, but it is stuck. A security camera captures an image of the enormous anaconda slithering towards them, and they just barely manage to get out of the warehouse and over the metal fence in time, but Evan accidentally drops his video camera in the process. Evan wants to go back to get the video camera, as it is their only proof of what happened in the warehouse, but Larry insists that they just leave; as he does, the video camera captures a brief image of the giant anaconda slithering past it, unable to pursue them any further. At about 3 o'clock in the morning, Larry "Lawrence" Johnson's boss Kenneth Tobar arrives at the facility, heeding the call that Larry had made earlier. Kenneth Tobar finds Evan's video camera, still recording, on the ground, and remarks, "It's my lucky day," immediately before he is attacked, murdered, and slaughtered by the giant anaconda off-screen. The security cameras failed to record what happened to Kenneth Tobar that night, but he has not been seen since then. The testimony of Evan and Larry allowed the FBI to seize numerous exotic and illegal animals and animal parts from the warehouse, but the giant anaconda that they claimed to have seen was never found.

Notable fatalitiesEdit

  • Scott Sumner
  • Bishop the German Shepherd
  • Kenneth Tobar