A brief description of the Hellhound in Lost tapes


A Hellhound is a mythological creature originating from European mythology which according to legend, if you see it three times, you will quickly meet your untimely death.

In the actual episode, a group of goth college students

leader Annabel Lilith, Ophelia, Luna, Severin, (the only male member) and Nora went to a local cemetery to do a cult ritual.

Not long before entering the cemetery, they unexpectedly meet an aggressive black Hellhound having the same appearance to that of a Rottweiler attacking the hood of their car

The next time they saw the creature, it viciously barked and howled at them, making this their second unforeseen incident with this unknown entity

Nora having the knowledge of the mysterious creature stated it was a hellhound and told them about the legend of coming across it three times, Annabel along with Ophelia, Luna, Severin doubted these claims and decided not to

listen, and decided that they'd finish the ritual and get everything

over with. The black dog returned, and everyone had sealed their

fate, having to look back as it chased them. One of of the goths (Luna) saw the dog vanish into thin air.

As soon as the group got to their SUV, The ones (Everyone except for Nora) who looked at the hound got into a fatal car crash with an oncoming truck from the distraction of everyone's argument whether or the not the creature actually exists.

Nora being the only survivor seems to be unscathed of the fact that her friends more specifically Severin who was presumably a love interest of Nora's lay there dead of the aftermath of the car wreck as she gets up and walks away from the crash site along with the hellhound by her side as the camera fades to black.

Legend says if you glance at the hell hound once, you would have good luck. However, if you see the dog two times, you would experience sorrow, such as a loss of a friend or loved one. But if you see it three times, you will surely die. Descriptions of the creature range from a medium sized,pale-white dog with yellow eyes,to a large,black dog with claws and glowing red eyes. But some still believe it is out there.


  • In the episode, the Hellhound appeared to have a resemblance of a Rottweiler with red eyes.
  • In the episode, five college students were the victim of the Hellhound, only one survived who happens to be Nora.
  • At the end of the episode it states there was no evidence of Nora or the Hellhound besides the traces of sulfur near the crash site. It is unclear whatever happened to Nora or what her true intentions were.
  • The episode "Hellhound" aired on Animal Planet February 17, 2009
  • The earliest depiction of a Hellhound was Cerberus a three headed dog beast that guarded the gates to the realm of the underworld where no soul was allowed to enter or leave