A Hellhound is a mythological creature which according to legend, if you see it three times,you will quickly meet your untimely death.

In the actual episode,a group of goth college students in the goth subculture went to a local cemetery to do a cult ritual.

When they did,they met an aggressive black Rottweiler.

The next time they saw the creature, it vicously attacked them. When they ran away,

the black dog chased them,and a certain someone had to look back.

One of the girls realized it was a hellhound but the others did not

listen,and decided that they'd finish the ritual and get everything

over with. The black dog returned,and everyone had sealed their

fate,having to look back as it chased them. One of of the goths saw the dog vanish

into thin air as soon as the group got to their SUV. The ones who looked at the dog got into a car crash and died.

There was only on survivor,who broke her leg,and also didn't look at the creature.Legend says if you glance at the hellhound once,you would have good luck. However,if you see the dog two times,you would experience sorrow,such as a loss of a friend or loved one. But if you see it three times,you will surely die.Discriptions of the creature range from a medium sized,pale-white dog with yellow eyes,to a large,black dog with claws and glowing red eyes. But some stil belive it is out there. Maby it was an incedent, they are kind of stupid you should listin. One of the girls all most died she ripped and glass was on he floor she almost landed on it.


  • In the episode, the Hellhound appeared to look like a Rottweiler with red eyes.
  • In the episode, five college students were the victim of the Hellhound, only one survived.