Eva Ramirez is one of the human characters in the episode Chupacabra.

In the episodeEdit

She is the only child of Carlos and Mrs. Ramirez. She is probably 6 years old. When a gift from a relative in the united states arrived, it turned out to be a videocamera and a news that the Ramirez family is being smuggled to the US. The videocamera was given to Eva as a present for her birthday. During the journey, the family was dropped in the middle of the desert and are forced to walk to the border. Eva accidentally left the camera and while she came back to retrieve it, she heard a growling noise. Later on, the family escaped and Eva hid on a bush while her parents is killed by the Chupacabra . In the evening, agents Tom Valentine and Martin Santino discovers her under the bush and was extremely traumatized. They bring her to the truck and Valentine tries to comfort her. Eventually, the two agents decided to find the creature but Eva refuses to let them go (because she is still traumatized). She was eventually returned to her grandmother.