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The Devil Monkey is a black agressive North-American ape. It is described as being like a 3-toed primate of some sort with pointed ears that is 4-6 feet tall. It has the intelligence of a chimpanzee, the strength of a gorilla, the appearance similar to a baboon, the speed of a cheetah, the legs of a kangaroo, and with the strange ability to leap 20 bounds across an entire field. 

In Lost Tapes Devil MonkeyEdit

In this episode, the Devil Monkey is a bit different than in real life. It is still 4 to 6 feet tall, has dark fur, and long arms with incredible strength. It however lacks a snout and has more of a demonic, ghoul-like face with blank eyes and a large nose. The Devil Monkey's ears are still on the top of the head but are more like those of known monkeys.The creature also appeared to be slower than what legends suggest as one of the officers was able outrun the beast at first, and it has the hand-like feet of a chimpanzee as shown by a footprint left near the sign.The Devil Monkey is also said to have a frill,but is also not shown in the episode. One of the officers said that one time a freak show came through and the half-man-half-monkey character got loose thus suggesting that the agents may not have encountered the Devil Monkey itself.