Carlos Ramirez is a male character in the episode Chupacabra

In the episodeEdit

In the beginning, he is shown to be celebrating Eva's birthday. One of the gifts they receive was a coyote that would smuggle them to the US. During the trip, the coyote suddenly dropped them in the middle of the desert. The coyote then tells them the direction the family shoud head to. Carlos got to a heated argument with the man and they almost fight. Forced into walking through the desert, Carlos leads his family throught desert. During the journey, they here growling in the distance but he tells his family to ignore it. Suddenly, the family is attacked by the Chupacabra and Carlos is killed and is drained of blood.

Later on the day, agents Valentine and Santino discovers Carlos's body. In the police report, it states that his cause of death is unknown but does not mention the chupacabra.