Lost Tapes Season 1 Episode 2 - Bigfoot-0

Lost Tapes Season 1 Episode 2 - Bigfoot-0

Bigfoot title card

This it the second episode of the Lost Tapes series. It was aired on October 30, 2008.


Between August 2–14, 2005, forest ranger Rachel Glen performs a study in the woods, concerning the declining population of black bears in the Pacific Northwest. During the course of her study, recorded with portable and stationary cameras, she not only observed the bears but also heard strange sounds coming from the forest, and had a feeling she was being watched. After setting up a camera trap one day, she hears strange sounds and climbs a hill, only to be snared by a poacher's trap. Unbeknownst to her, she is being watched and taped by a poacher as she disables the traps the poacher had set up. Some of her cameras capture brief glimpses of a large, hairy creature that cannot be identified. Meanwhile, the poacher discovers and destroys a few of her cameras. She grows more and more suspicious of the strange sounds and unidentifiable subjects in many of her photos. While examining a camera that had been tampered with, she hears more strange sounds and discovers a den in the woods. Inside, she discovers some strange hair, which she sends to the game warden. Over the phone, the warden tells her that the hair belongs to some kind of primate, and warns her to be careful of hostile poachers. After she gets off the phone, she suddenly hears someone call her name and goes to the door, but only finds a threatening sign that says, "WHO'S WATCHING YOU?" pinned to her door with a hatchet. She requests help, but has to wait for it to arrive because of how remote her outpost is. She later finds the poacher lurking outside her outpost and makes him hand over the camera he was holding, which contains pictures where the poacher seems to be stalking her. In the last hours before she leaves, she begins to wonder about the strange creature she keeps seeing, and gets the feeling that it seems to be watching over her. As she is making her final video journal entry at her outpost, the poacher tries to break in. She suddenly hears screams for help and strange sounds outside. She discovers the poacher, who has apparently been killed by the creature and is now hanging upside down from one of his own traps. She hears more strange sounds, but no other signs of the creature. After the poacher's death, the black bear populations began to rise again, but there is no confirmation of any other unusual creatures in the area.