Annie Larson, known by her goth nickname as "Annabel Lilith" was one of the five victims to witness the Hellhound and one of four victims to die in an unpredicted car crash upon escaping the Hellhound.


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Lost Tapes: HellhoundEdit

In the autumn of 2005, a group of goth college students planned to visit a local cemetery in order to film a new segment for the websiteof their leader, Annabel Lilith. Accompanying Annabel are three of her classmates, who go by the aliases of Ophelia, Luna, and Severin (Severin being the only male member of the group). Annabel planned to induct a new member into their group, a girl named Nora Callarman that Annabel had not yet met. She doubts Nora's worthiness and plans to play a prank on her. They pick up Nora and begin to drive to the cemetery, blindfolding Nora as they do so. Shortly after arriving at the cemetery, a large dog resembling arottweiler with glowing red eyes suddenly jumps up onto the hood of the car in full view of their camera. As suddenly as it appears, the dog vanishes, seemingly into thin air, but they assume that it ran off. As midnight approached, they set up a table and other items for Nora's initiation in front of a tombstone. As part of the initiation, Annabel asks the "spirits" for a sign, and the dog suddenly appears again, seemingly larger than before, barking and snarling at them. Like before, it disappears very quickly and even more suddenly than before, leaving behind a patch of scorched and smoking earth where it had been standing. While most of the group are terrified by this, Annabel shrugs it off by assuming it is the sign she asked for and insists that they finish the ritual. They finish the ritual and Nora is officially inducted into their group. As they start to leave, Nora and Severin split from the group to take a walk together, during which time Nora asks how many times Severin has seen the dog so far, but he does not have time to answer before they hear the dog approaching again. They hide behind a tombstone and Nora tells him to close his eyes as the dog approaches. They regroup, and Nora warns them that the dog three times means an untimely death for whoever has seen it three times. As they try to leave, Luna trips and nearly cracks her skull, which only panics the group even more. They finally get back to the car and drive off, with Annabel still arguing with the others that there is nothing to worry about, refusing to believe that there was anything supernatural about the dog. As they drive away, still arguing, Annabel does not see another car coming right towards them and they crash. The camera captures an image of Nora, now injured and bleeding, trying to wake up Severin before realizing that he is dead and comes to the conclusion that he saw the dog three times. As she gets up to leave, the dog suddenly appears again, but is acting very friendly this time and Nora begins to pet it as she leaves the scene. There were no official records of Nora anywhere, and to this day, her true identity remains unknown (it is implied she is a ghost). The others were all proclaimed dead at the scene. Traces of sulfur were found in and around the car, but no evidence of any dog was found anywhere near the site.