Alien parasite

An example of an alien parasite as seen on Lost Tapes

An Alien (aka E.T/Extraterrestrial) is an organism that is not from Earth, possibly from another galaxy. Alien sightings have dated back a long time, and many civilizations believed that they were gods.


Aliens can be described in any shape or form whatsoever, depending on the witness or the abductee. In Lost Tapes, the alien is a species of parasite that resembles a wasp that kills its host from the inside-out.

Kills in Lost TapesEdit

Capt. Miranda Bach (the host of the alien parasite), Dr. Lee Morris and Alzedo (the security guard). Only Rebecca Damon (Dr. Morris' assistant) survives. The deaths remain unstated and the alien-wasp escapes the hospital, never to be found.


The sounds used for the alien sound familiar and were reused from the Velociraptors in the 1993 Universal/Amblin film "Jurassic Park".

The concept of the Alien's escape, is relevant to Ridley Scott's 1979 blockbuster film Alien, In which the young creature explodes through the host's chest.